Media buying

Advertising or media buying is often the reason why the advertisers come to an advertising agency. In fact, it's important that media buying is not the only service you come to the advertising agency. Good agency is a reliable partner who you can charge with a lot and entirely rely on. He is a wise advisor and generator of ideas. He is a cautious skeptic and fearless pioneer in one person. Of course, we speak about a real good agency. There is no doubt that by no means all companies which are known as advertising agencies are at the top of their profession. But, you need to have an opportunity to compare in order to find a long-term partner. Trial and error method is the only right strategy of choosing the advertising agency.

Media buying is the media advertising. The agency should have good relations with the media and have advertising technologies to provide benefit to the client. It is mathematical calculation and budgeting.

Discounts? Yes. The Agency should seek best market conditions for his client. However, we would not recommend that the advertisers work toward greater discounts at any cost. Ultimately, the advertiser needs not only discounts but also good relations with the media. The better relationships the advertiser and agency have with the media, the more they can get from the media. Agency is the ambassador of the advertiser in the media. When choosing an agency you choose your face in the world of media.

Any product, including advertising, has the price and the value. An advertiser can often get the product which fundamentally differs in values for the same amount of money. Here's an example: advertising in a glossy magazine on the cover or inside the magazine? What is better? Of course, advertising on the cover is better. Of course, this is a premium position with a special higher price. But there are no rules without exceptions! Publishing business is one of the most troublesome and unpredictable. One minute ago everything was clear and suddenly here is a phone call in the editorial that changes everything. In the result, the position on the cover becomes available at the last minute! Whose ads will appear on the cover? Is it the agency, which is constantly arguing with the magazine breaking the deadlines? Is it the client who "beat a man down in price"? Or is it the advertiser whose agency ably defends the interests of the customer without passing the border that separates the interests of the media? The professionalism of your agency is the best guarantee that you will always get the best positions without missing a single opportunity.

However, the agency must be objective. It is important that the agency you trust and which provides media buying for you was not engaged by one media group. The agency's dependence on any, even, the most influential media group is a direct threat to the advertiser. The agency will obviously make every effort to ensure that the advertiser has agreed to distribute the advertising budget in favor of the media group the agency has good relationship with. Unfortunately, it is almost always damaging the effectiveness of advertising campaign in general.

Objectivity of the advertising agency is the best guarantee that the agency will always defend the interests of the client because the client's interests will always coincide with its own interests.

Good recommendation to the agency is the collaboration with various, often competing media. Top media appreciate good relations with the best agencies. Working in one market, they see it from different sides. In order to make the market develop, to make the commercials on every channel and the advertising in every magazine be more effective, the media and agencies should cooperate to seek and find such advertising products which will be in demand and will bring benefit to the advertiser.

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