Individual and corporate training

Business is developing rapidly. No matter at what time we are living in - booming growth or dramatic slowdown and recession - business chooses the best people, those who can contribute to it much more. You should constantly develop your business to meet the needs of the age as business requires acquiring new skills. Unlike 15 or even 10 year ago when the PC skills were considered as a competitive advantage, today it is the basic requirement for any manager. Knowledge of languages was earlier seen as an advantage, but now it is a standard qualification of the person who is going to make his first steps in the company. Well, what can we say about the executives then? The company executive is expected to be exemplarily successful in all his lines of activities. He should have all manager skills and showy talents in his professional practice. He should be powerful, convincing and sociable person representing his business success. Of course, it's difficult. We are sometimes not willing to communicate. We sometimes try to avoid publicity, but we shouldn't do that because the business life circle never stops. However, we can develop our public skills. Moreover, we must do that to enjoy our business providing benefit to it.

We are not trying to re-educate or bring anyone round. We are trying to develop the skills which are essential for the managers to achieve success.  

Dars Consulting defines two types of trainings, individual trainings, which are often known as "coaching" and corporate trainings.

Corporate trainings are special projects which we implement for our existing clients. As a rule, corporate trainings are the continuation of our work as a part of a large project. For example, when we speak about the development of customer service system and specialists' training, creation of the team aimed at the general result is an essential part of successful project implementation.

Our company specializes in individual work with the managers and top executives of the leading Russian companies. This is the very line of business we have gained a wide experience we gladly share with our clients..