Strategic Marketing Planning

It's always very important to see the goal in business. The goal should be clear to everyone, including employees, clients and partners. It's good when people can understand why they are working. No matter what they say by asserting that people go to work only to earn money the fact remains that the team which strives for best results will achieve much more. "Team" and "goal" are at the level of instincts which are common even to primates and mammals. The goal should be achievable as common success unites. There is mo goal without ceratin deadline. You will need ceratin resources including human, intellectual and material for achieving the goal. And, finally, the most interesting thing is how the company can benefit from achieving this goal. Will it be the beginning of the new stage of development or will the business collapse?

If you think that, for exmaple, such goal as multiple increase in the company's sales is an absolute good for the company than you will find it interesting to learn about our study case which  proves that the sales volume hardly ever improves the quality of busienss.  

So, what problems will strategic marketing planning help you to solve?

First of all, you will see the market where you work quite differently. Most of the mistakes in business are made because of wrong concept of the current situation. The longer you work, the more you know about it or, to be exact, you start thinking that you know everything about the market you work in.

One of the tasks of strategic marketing planning is to make a true-to-life picture of the market, describe its players, primarily, customers and competitors, explore the competitive advantages of the market players and learn about the clients' expectations and their preferences.

However, strategic marketing planning is not just research, but analysis of new information. The next task strategic marketing planning solves is forecasting the developments on the market and setting the goals and tasks of the business with the general market environment.

Marketing is the creativity where figures are the most important thing. Taking this fine line strategic marketing planning solves the problem of creating a competitive business model.

Good strategic plan is full of ideas regarding the business development. The better the plan is, the more in details the ideas are elaborated. The main advantage of strategic marketing planning is that is allows anticipating the risks suggesting the ways of handling the challenges.

Modern marketing tools can handle almost every challenge, but not every challenge needs to be handled because marketing is not an art of war where the end sometimes justifies the means and victims are the pay for the victory. Marketing is an art of business and business is a way of earning money.  Therefore, the task of strategic marketing planning is the business development and growth of income. These tasks should be handled consistently by using such methods as advertising, mass communications, PR and GR.

The final stage of strategic marketing planning is the analysis of what has been achieved. At the end of the project it's necessary to assess what tasks were handled, what forecasts held up, how effective the marketing plans were and how successful the combination of different communication tools was. The stage of analyzing what has been achieved is very important in enhancing the efficiency of strategic marketing planning. We suggest that our clients should consider the strategic marketing plans successful which were realized 70% and higher. However, the success of the project depends on specific conditions on the market - there are some cases when fulfillment of even 30% or 40% of the plan is accepted as success.

Here is a traditional question - is it possible to develop strategic marketing plan on its own authority, inside the company? Of course, it is. But, it will be the product of the company, the continuation of the views accepted by the company and mistakes. Independent evaluation of events is of principal importance for successful strategic marketing plan. It doesn't mean that you should wait for the consultants to bring you a ready made concept. I fact, it means that your colleagues will join the working group we will organize together for making the result of our work serve as the source of our pride.

Here is one more question our clients are interested in. How much time will it take to prepare strategic marketing plan? We suppose that the best preparation period of strategic marketing plan is 3-6 months. If someone tells you that strategic planning takes years (there are such cases in our practice) you can finish the conversation easily. Market is a dynamic system which is always in motion constantly developing, changing the market conditions. What was of current importance last year will be left behind in the next year. The companies are established and closed, new products and services enter the market and the clients' expectations change quickly. It means that strategic marketing plan is the product of current importance, its value, unlike the value of good looking, doesn't grow with years but decreases exponentially. That's why DARS Consulting would not recommend that you make strategic marketing plans for the period of more than three years.