Who are we?

We are a team of highly qualified professionals. Our expert staff are at the top of their profession and are fully responsible for their own work. We enjoy our work and we dedicate lots of time and energy to it. We often work late into the evening not because we have to, but because we truly believe that our work is important to our clients.

We live our clients' interests. We want to see the results of our work as soon as possible and we are prepared to work around the clock if we need to. The more difficult the problem is, the more opportunities we see for our client to achieve success.

Request by the industry


DARS Group provides full marketing and media services for its clients. Our main principle in everything that we do is quality. Everything we do exceeds our clients' expectations. It makes our work more valuable and our cooperation becomes more attractive to our clients.

Our philosophy is to promote our clients' business growth. We do not work for the client, instead we work with the client.

We believe that there are no tasks that cannot be solved, as it often just takes time to find the right solution. Our clients know that we will do everything we can and that we will not rest until we achieve the right results - the results that our client wanted.

Industrial specialisation within Dars Consulting


Information Technology (IT) is one of the fastest developing industries in business today. Information Technology is everywhere around us. Software products can be found even where you do not expect to find them. It is not just mobile phones and refrigerators that function thanks to modern information technology, but also things like air fresheners! There is not a single field that is not related to or affected by information technology to some extent. It is part of life these days. We simply try both to follow the trends and organise our time accordingly. That is why consultants from DARS Consulting are working actively with our clients to shape the information and technological environment of society today.


The industry of "Lifestyle" has already taken its rightful place among the rich and successful. Work in these difficult conditions requires special skills in marketing technologies, advertising and PR. Success and recognition is achieved by hard work from people who are not in a position to make mistakes about choices of goods, style, relationships with clients, ways of promoting the company, its services and products in the market. Unlike many other business industries, the lifestyle business is a client-oriented business. This means that companies which develop "Beautiful Life" products must be socially oriented themselves.

We are pleased to share the experiences we have gained in achieving great success for lifestyle brands with our clients as well as to create and promote new names on the market.


Aviation depends on the general state of the market more than any other industry. Aviation business can only be successful when business in general is developing and in a situation where problems related to the state of the market, changes in fuel prices, lobby resources of competitors and changes in purchasing power and clients' consumer behaviour can be avoided. We call this branding conception.

Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is a unique industry that attracts us with the variety of tasks and opportunities involved. The market needs the automotive industry in the same way that the automotive industry depends on the market and the state of the market. The most difficult thing is to determine your position in the market in order to benefit from your company's advantages.

We know how important it is to understand market expectations and we can fulfil these requirements to the advantage of your business.


Business aimed at people. This is the philosophy of business in terms of exhibitions and conferences. How can we create a product that event participants and visitors really want? The answer is simple. Remember the people that the event has been organised for. Our experience helps us and our clients to create a successful business philosophy in terms of exhibitions and conferences.


Engineering is at the heart of the industrial country. DARS Consulting helps its clients to enter new markets and to build effective business on the basis of experience obtained by taking prospects into consideration. Our cooperation with engineering companies is successful because we give our clients the chance to enter the most attractive international markets.

Media Industry and Publishing Business

It is necessary to lay a foundation in order to build a successful publishing business. The foundation and the origins of success in the publishing business is a faithful reader who shares the publication's point of view. In fact, readers are the only possible success factor for the publishing business. We create successful publishing projects with our clients. We are sure that our clients are occupied with important business and we are pleased to be given the chance to make a modest contribution to their success.


Metallurgy is at the heart of industry in many of the world's developed countries. The complicated thing about the metallurgy business is not just that metal prices are fixed on the markets and that the profitability of metallurgy companies seldom depends on the management only, but also that transportation is a significant factor in the production price. While, in other industries, strategic planning can be used to enter potential markets, in metallurgy the creation of new sales markets is a complicated process. We can control this process and we are ready to ensure that our clients no longer depend on the market.


Retail, unlike any other business, depends on relationships with clients. Our task is to establish fruitful relations. They must be profitable for the business and beneficial for the clients. Retail is a business that can only bring expected returns when regular investments are made. It is a simple formula for success and the key is to maintain the proportion and adapt accordingly.


Business based on calculations can and must be moral, positive and useful for society. This business is sensitive to market news - however, business news may be restricted. Business can be aimed at corporate clients or the private sector market. In both cases, it must be stable and attractive. We help to create an image for the business and we care about the business.

Construction Industry

The construction business can be successful under any circumstances. Many multi-million fortunes were achieved in the building industry. This success can be repeated many times. The construction business is very technology focused.

Textiles Industry

Nowadays, the textiles industry experiences difficulties in many countries. At times, the competitive advantages of manufacturers from South East Asia can control the market more effectively than European companies with their traditions and creative ideas. The state of the market offers a real chance of survival and an opportunity for the strongest to increase their status. The differentiator in the textiles industry is information about the market and its competitors.


Transport is a circulatory system within the economy. The economy cannot develop successfully without a proper transport and logistics infrastructure. As one of the oldest business industries, of course, transport is a very conservative industry. However, this conservatism not only fails to impede the industry's development, but also helps in terms of respecting traditions. We always follow traditions. However, unlike staunch conservatives, we believe that the future lies in the direction of the motion. We move the motion forward.


The tourism industry really does require lots of hard work, every day. It is difficult to build up tourism, but it can be compared with the process of the bringing up a child. As time goes by, you reap the rewards of the investments made. Therefore, spare no expense on advertising and PR. The image of tourism is what it relies on.

Power Engineering

Shares in energy companies are a desirable blue chip on every Stock Exchange. We know more about power engineering than most shareholders of energy companies. We know the business processes of energy companies and we also know how to manage these processes so that shareholders do not have to worry about the profitability of their shares or that the working hours of managers were fixed and correspond to the Labour Code.